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Tesla Model S Model X Performance Seat Coat Hook

One of the two coat hook model options we offer, these particular coat hooks are designed for front seats in the Tesla Model S & X that have an Adjustable Headrest (if your headrest does not adjust, these will not work with your vehicle). Simply slip them into the headrests of the front seats and they are ready to go. These anodized aluminum hooks provide optimal strength for hanging coats and other apparel in your Tesla. A single order includes two coat hooks. 




  • Anodized Aluminum Construct


  • Fit into the headrests of front seats (2016-2019 Model Years)


  • Make sure your seats have headrests that move


  • "Adhesive tabs" to keep them in place


  • Support up to 10 lbs.



Coat Hooks LG (2016-2019 Model S/X)

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