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Evamped Tesla Aftermarket Accessories

About Us

EVamped originated from one man's desire to have a place for his beverages in the rear seats of the Tesla Model S. Prior to 2016, the Tesla Model S was not equipped with factory-installed rear cup holders for beverage storage. Instead, rear passengers were challenged with the grueling task of holding their beverages with the risk of making their hands extremely warm or cold (depending on the beverage of choice). However, we at EVamped exclaimed, "enough is enough" and proceeded to create our first product: The EVamped Rear Console.


The original prototype took the form of a highly cross-linked foam block and was outfitted with two plastic cup holders. While this solved the rear cup holder dilemma of the Model S, we set out to refine our product. We invested in high-quality upholstery and cup holders in order to match the OEM elements of the Tesla Model S interior, which lead to the development of our Insane model. But just as the launch modes of the Tesla evolved, so did our product.

We went on to fulfill the desires of Tesla rear passengers for USB charging and beverage visibility. This led to the creation of our Ludicrous model, equipped with dual USB charging ports and LED cup holders. Once our rear console had reached its final form, we proceeded to invest in other accessories. From front consoles to trunk organizers, we at EVamped are continuing to develop and produce accessories for the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X, along with preparing for future Tesla models to come. 

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