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Tesla Model S Model X Drawer

Tired of your belongings becoming airborn projectiles when you launch your Tesla? The T-Drawer will put a stop to that. This drawer has a positive lock fit with the storage cubbies in the Tesla Model S and X, so it is held in place during periods of high acceleration. It also comes with rubber tabs that prevent the drawer from falling when you are placing or retrieving your belongings. Made from strong one piece ABS material, along with a brushed metal handle, the T-Drawer will look great in your Tesla and provide welcomed additional storage.


 NOTE: *Not compatible with right hand drive vehicles*




  • Brushed aluminum handle
  • High Quality ABS Plastic Composition
  • Positive Lock Fit with Storage Compartment
  • Available in: Matte Black, Piano Black, Dark Ash Wood, Carbon Fiber and NOW Matte Obeche Trims
  • Matte Obeche has 2 configurations.  Horizontal or Vertical, you tell us what look you want.
  • Have the NEW GRAPHITE Interior trim? We got the handle to match!


 Note: If you have "Figured Ash Wood" Dash- Matte Black is your best choice!

EVamped T-Drawer

$79.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price
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