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T Center Plush Insert

Tesla Center Plush Insert




  • TCPI replaces the cup holders in the factory front console of your Tesla Model S and X with a more orthodox design
  • Composed of a highly cross-linked foam core and alcantara upholstery, the TCPI is designed to wedge into the opening of the front console. It will completely seal off the compartment. Install is 2 seconds.
  • This position raises the cup holders about 2.5" and provides drivers and passengers with better access to their beverages, while also allowing wider beverage containers to clear the front console opening.
  • The TCPI also has storage below the cupholders, giving you 25% more storage space.
  • Keep valuables hidden from prying eyes.
  • Optional LED Model turns on and off with the car.  Plugs into the 12V socket. Dimmer Control Included.


* See our YouTube® account for EVamped™ for usage instructions.

* NOTE: Does not include the console.  This item fits your factory front console.



T Center Plush Insert

LED Ludicrous Model
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