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Screen Protector: Fits Model S & X

We've tried a lot of screen protectors in an effort to find the very best option for your Model S and X, and we think we have the ideal solution.  Why?  Because these screen protectors have been made for the Tesla Model S/X.  Most on the market are simply larger versions of what you'd find for a tablet or phone. All our films offer excellent protection against scratches and UV light, and are made from two-layer high-grade PET film sourced from Japan.  All work great with polarized sunglasses, and have anti-blue characteristics (which reduces reflective glare at night).  


Each protector is perfectly sized for the Model S/X screen, and with a little care, is easy to apply. If you're good at applying screen protectors to your phone or tablet, you'll have no issues here.



Screen Protector: Fits Model S & X

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    This is the version used in the installation video, and you see towards the end the difference it makes with the glare.  It also does an excellent job of resisting and hiding any finger prints.  It does change the feel of the screen, the surface has a similar texture to that of a sheet of paper (though not as rough as a Kindle Paperwhite, if you've tried one of those).   This protector is my favorite of the two, but it's not for everyone.  


    HD Anti-Fingerprint

    This protector has an oleophobic coating to reduce finger prints, and to make cleaning off the finger-prints easier.  Just like your smartphone, you'll still see fingerprints, but with a quick wipe they're gone.  In all other regards, it's just like the HD Clear variant.

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