Retaining the OEM leather fabric and stitching found in our Insane model, the Ludicrous console adds LED cup holders to accent the cabin and allow for easy locating of beverages in your Tesla Model S. The cup holders use the 12v port as a power source, and turn on/off with the vehicle. No special wiring needed. The LED cup holders also come with a brushed aluminum rim and rubber inserts that maximize the security of your drinks as you launch your Tesla. 




  • Dual LED Cup Holder: Choice of White, Red and Blue LED cups
  • NOW AVAILABLE: RGBW Color Changing Cup Holders w/ phone app!
  • Handcrafted Black Upholstery with Grey Stitching
  • Phone Holder Pocket
  • Increased Storage
  • OPTIONAL: Single Qi Wireless Charging (5W Standard Output/7.5 & 10W Outputs for Compatible Devices)
  • Wireless RF Remote for Standard LEDS
  • Bluetooth App for RGBW Cup Holders
  • Installs in Seconds & No Tools Required


*Not compatible with vehicles equipped with the factory-installed front console*


**These are hand-crafted by humans, not robots. There may be slight variations in the stitching of the product. 

Ludicrous Front Console

LED Color

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