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Tesla Model 3 Dash Vinyl Wrap Matrix Black

After lots of testing, we're really excited to present our vinyl wraps for your Model 3 dash piece! While some people enjoy the wood grain or white vinyl decor in their vehicles, its always nice to mix it up a bit. We offer a variety of finishes in both 3M 1080 and 3M DI-NOC architectural vinyls. These materials mirror those of our center console vinyl kits, and can be matched for a complete look.




  • 3M  1080 & DI-NOC Architectural Finishes
  • Each piece is Precision-cut for a perfect installation
  • Set includes a single piece
  • EZ Install


**Note Matte Black and Black Matrix is 3M 1080, not 3M Di-Noc. Still easy to apply, just not as forgiving as Di-Noc.

3M Dash Piece Wrap: 1080 & DI-NOC

  • Shipping

    Ships in 1-3 business days

  • FAQ

    Q. I screwed up one of the pieces. What can I do?

    A. The DI-NOC vinyl is really forgiving, and if there's a crease or stretch, applying some warm air (from a hair drying, or even leaving your car in the sun) can often restore its original shape and allow you a do-over. 


    Q. I'd like another color/finish

    A.While we will be rolling out several new finishes in the upcoming weeks, feel free to contact us and we will see if we can help you get the look you want for your Model 3!


    Q. Does it completely cover all the wood grain?

    A. If fitted perfectly, yes. In reality, a completely perfect application can be challenging, but all the lines and curves are smoothly cut, and even if there's a little bit of the wood grain showing through, the sharp edges will ensure that it is not noticeable.


    Q. Can this be removed?

    A. Yes, easily. The longer the vinyl is there, the stronger the bond becomes, but it can always be removed without causing any damage to the original wood grain finish. Just lift an edge, and start to carefully pull it away at a sharp angle. 


    Q. I'm not sure I can do this

    A. If you're hesitant, check your local vinyl and window tint shops to see if they can assist you. Otherwise, feel free to contact us and we will help you out in anyway we can.

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