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Tesla Model S Model X Model 3 Carbon Fiber Clip

Our “Upgraded” Carbon Fiber Clip provides a sleek solution for Tesla Owners looking for a place to store their glasses and important cards.




  • Model 3 Owners—It not only solves where to put your glasses, but also where to temporarily store the unique key card that can be given to a valet or others to open your vehicle.
  • The clip slides directly onto the  visor and stores your glasses and keycard.
  • It is designed to rotate, enabling you to position items in the most convenient manner.
  • Subtle and aesthetically pleasing with a carbon fiber look, the Glasses Clip is a must-own product for your Tesla Owner especially for the Tesla Model 3.
  • Holds 2 pairs of glasses or additional small items.
  • In addition, Glasses Clip can also hold some other small items like business cards, a parking card, pens and more. 


Material: The Glasses Clip is made of high quality black ABS with a subtle black carbon, vinyl overlay. CARBON MATERIAL HAS BEEN UPGRADED FROM ORIGINAL MANUFACTURE.  Original material was of poor quality.

Dimensions:  4 in. L x 1.4 in W x 0.25 in D (100 mm L x 35 mm W x 4.2 mm D) 

Carbon Fiber Dual Glasses/CARD Clip

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