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Carbon Fiber Mats:  Fits Model S

A favorite choice amongst the Tesla community, these mats are a perfect choice for the Tesla owner looking for a capable set of all-weather mats. 




  • Composed of Thermoplastic rubber that has a carbon fiber-like texture, these mats provide all-weather protection with luxury styling


  • The three-dimensional design provides raised edges that contain any spills or elements of nature to the mats


  • Patented backing layer keeps the mats in place and prevents thems from sliding around without potential harm to your flooring that can be experienced by velcro and rubber nib backed mats.


  • Semi-hard XPE foaming inner layer provides a comfortable experience for your feet for those long road trips and stops at the Supercharger


Carbon Fiber Mats: Fits Model S

  • Shipping

    Ships in 5-7 business days

  • Details

    1x Driver Side Mat

    1x Passenger Side Mat

    1x Rear Bench Mat

    *Trunk Mat Optional*

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