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Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger

*Check if your phone supports wireless charging in the phone specification.


  • Compatible with all iPhone and Android Qi wireless charging enabled phones, support charge two phones simultaneously with the maximum output of 10 watt for each side. Tested with iPhone X, charge 1% power in 2~3 minutes with 5V 2A USB input


  • Supports one side (left or right) working mode, the other side as phone rest area in case wireless charging not needed


  • Supports USB input, useful for dash cam feature introduced in V9


  • Fits perfectly in Tesla Model 3, anti-slip design to prevent your phone from falling out while driving, even accelerating. A thinner lip at the bottom to avoid your phone falling off and allows more room, especially cell phones, such as iPhone XS MAX.


  • Easy installation and use, no tools or expertise required, LED lights to indicate the charging status, automatically shut down when Tesla is off


* New 2020 Tesla Model 3's and Y's ARE coming equipped with wireless chargers from the factory. Ensure that your vehicle is NOT equipped with a wireless charging pad prior to ordering.

Wireless Phone Charger - Fits Tesla Model 3

$79.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price
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