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Frunk Organizer -  Fits Model 3

The front trunk, famously known as the Frunk, is a great place to keep some gear. Howevever, there is little to secure your items and prevent them from sliding around. By placing this frunk organizer in the storage space, you can organize and secure your items as you see fit. Whether it be charging gear or just stuff you want to tuck away, this frunk organizer can help bring order to the most cluttered of Tesla frunks.




  • Fits perfectly in the front trunk, also known as the frunk, of the Tesla Model 3
  • Leather handles for easy carrying and placement of the organizer
  • Composed of ABS plastic material
  • Dividers to properly separate and organize items
  • Ribbed floor for added security and minimal slippage when taking sharp turns
  • Dimensions: 71 x 56 x 47 cm

Frunk Organizer - Fits Model 3

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