The Model 3 doesn't come with Bioweapon Defense Mode as an option. We felt you deserve to have similar high quality filtered air that Model S/X owners get. Our new 3M TRUE HEPA filter media is the same as used in Intensive Care Units at a hospital. It also has activated charcoal to combat bad odors. We recommend changing the filters once a year or every 12k miles. This ensures clean, odor free air inside the cabin for the life of the vehicle. 


 *Installation is the reverse of removal of old filters. Charcoal side of filter installs facing towards the interior of the car away from the firewall. 


**Air Filtration up to PM2.5 - 95% and PM0.3 - 99.97% 

***Standard Pleated Filter w/Charcoal is significantly less filtration ~ 85%


Replacement for Tesla Part # 





HEPA Air Filter - Model 3


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