Tesla Model X All Weather Floor Mats Seven Seater

The contemporary pattern of our Model X all-weather mats creates hundreds of compartments to contain spills, dirt and debris. The intricate weave pattern distributes captured moisture to a network of control zones, unlike trays and liners that allow moisture to flow across the surface. Extremely durable material  that stays flexible in freezing temperatures and properly firm in warm conditions. Provides ultimate protection for passenger and cargo areas of your Model X.




  • Only available in Black
  • Highly durable molded, specially formulated synthetic rubber
  • Available in eight colors including clear
  • Easy to remove and clean, no bulky sidewall
  • Material stays flexible in sub-freezing temperatures
  • Molded non-skid nib backing
  • Factory compatible safety anchors keep mats in place


5 Seater: Includes 2 front mats and a 1 rear seat mat

6 & 7 Seater: Includes 2 front mats, 1 middle row mat, and 1 third row mat

"ALL WEATHER" Floor Mats - Tesla Model X